About Dr.

Dr.Sayan Dev Nayak

About Dr.

Dr. Sayan Dev Nayak
   MBBS (Medalist With Honours)
   M.S. (General Surgery), Gold Medalist
   Medal of Honor awarded by ASI West Bengal State Chapter
57771 West Bengal Medical Council, 2009

Critical Care & Truma :
Coordinator in Shock and Traurna unit CMRI(The Calcutta Medical Research Institute).

Area of Specialization

General Surgery

Laparoscopic Surgery


Trauma Surgery

Consultancy in a Number of Hospitals in Kolkata

Woodlands Hospitals

Medica Superspeciality Hospital

Divine Nursing Home (C.I.T Road)

Srijoni Nursing Home (C.I.T Road)

ILS Hospital (Saltlake)

Subodh Mitra Cancer Hospital (Saltlake)

Genesis Hospital


Medals, Distinctions and Research

Senior Class Assistant in Biochemistry.

Senior Class Assistant in Pathology.

Senior Class Assistant in Microbiology.

Honours In ENT.


Gold Medal In Community Medicine.

Uday Sankar Ashoke Memorial Medal- 1st Position in 2nd Professional MBBS.

Anungomohan Memorial Medal - 2007 Association of Surgeons of India.

University Scholarship In 2nd Professional MBBS.

University Highest in M.S(General Surgery) 2007, West Bengal University of Health Sciences.

Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) Scholarship in Studentship Research.

Senior Research Fellow in National Institute of Cholera and Enteric Diseases Central Govt of India.

Paper Presentation in ASICON 2005, on Treatment Modealities in Choleddochal CYST.

A Unusal Case of Parathyroidism ASICON 2009.

A Unusual Case of Gastric Volvulus ASIOCN 2009.

Peutz Jeghars - As Intestinal Intussception.

Organizing Secretary of "TRAUMACARE 2009" An International Symposium on Traumacare Held At 22 - 25 October 2009 at Calcutta Medical Research Institute.


Paper Presentations in ASICON 2009

On Peutz Jegher's Syndrom Presenting with Acute Intussusception.

Huge Pariental Tumor Mimicking Ovarian Cyst.

Two Intersting Case of Pnet.

An Interesting cae of laurence - moon - beidl - bardet syndrome.

Gangrenous Cecal Volvulus in a Case of Left - Sided Scrotal Abdomen.

An Interesting Case of Entrapped Breast.

Two Cases of Adult Intussusception.

An Atypical Presentation of Phyllodes.

Experience of 54 Cases of Tep Hernia Repair.


Paper Presentations in SASICON 2010

Diagnostic Dilemma a Case of Double Breast.

A Rare Case of Lymphangioma Cutis.


Advanced Certificate Course in Bariatric Surgery - 2011.

Advanced endostapier training form ethieon institute of endosurgery, New Delhi - 2012.


Awaiting Publication

Comparative Study on Infared Photocoagulation and Injection Seclerotherapy In Early Haemorroids.